Guinzano farm holidays

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guinzano farmhouse

Guinzano means that bit over there, tell the elders of the area, and so this place is named in historical maps, and is really there that you have to go to arrive to Stefano and Daniela’s agriturismo, and not only for eating or sleeping, but for live the experience of a place in which to forget for a moment the actual world and find yourself with friends, you’ve never known before, to talk about anything or listening to the sounds of silence around and find a sky where there are still the stars .

Yes, the place is definitely off the beaten track, you can not get there and ask if there is a vacancy or the menu, you must go for a first book of the six rooms, each decorated with different furniture, but all coming from homes of family and each with its own history.
The menu is made from the fields, from animals raised on their own, by season and by the imagination of Stephen.

So you’ll sleep in the grandmother’s bed, or open the closet of great uncle, even though the 6 rooms are comfortably equipped and all with private bathroom (one of the rooms have a Jacuzzi).

Guinzano is also a restaurant where the food is not only seen as a way to get nutrition, but it represents culture and history of the territory, rediscover the flavors and the moment of conviviality; which is why we devote time and care in finding products outside the great distribution and organic or traditional .

The bread is homemade, the oil comes from plants that you can see from the veranda and vegetables from the garden, the fruit is always available on the tables and, in season, if you want, even on trees.

We eat in the dining room at the communal table, but if you want privacy you can request a separate table, or on the veranda overlooking the surrounding landscape; in the lounge, where you can sit in original chairs and sofa, stands the great-grandmother’s piano.

The company is certified and managed according to the methods of organic agriculture, spread over 16 hectares, part forest and part devoted to crops and livestock.