what is a farmhouse

We happened to see that very often people have a distorted idea about the farmhouses, also thanks to the proliferation of structures which, while not being it, publicize it as such. So, to avoid misunderstandings and to avoid being mistaken for other, we want to clarify right away that we are a farm. The comfort of the rooms and the quality of the restaurant are what you would expect from any hotel of high standard, but we are in the country, or rather in the hills, we are just 15 km from the nearest village, we are animals, not only dogs and cats but also chickens, hens, goose that run free in the farmyard; there are insects in summer, outside, inside usually not, since there are mosquito nets, but do not be surprised if they see anyone. On the other hand you are inside a SIC (Site of Community Importance), where biodiversity are protected the and where you may also encounter wild animals such as porcupines, foxes, wild boar, deer and many others and that what you eat is grown or bred by us or from nearby farms.

To start the tourism activities should therefore have an operating farm , so it is not sufficient, for example, be an owner of a fund or a cottage, but in the farm must be effectively exercised an activity of cultivation, livestock or forestry.


Agriturismo con Camere e Ristorante a Gubbio, Umbria IT