dine in Guinzano

Guinzano means that bit over there, tell the elders of the area, and so this place is named in historical maps, and the place is definitely off the beaten track, you can reach from the E45, exit Ponte Pattoli (16 km), or Gubbio (22 km).
The full menu is presented at 35 €, excluding wine, and is predetermined at time of booking. All preparations are expressed, made with farm products or products found in the district, proposed with fantasy. The result is a discovery of preparations balanced, simple, pleasant, rich of ancient tastes, but at the same time, new.
The dining room is furnished with family furniture, Daniela welcomes you, showing you the company and products, then Stefano accompanies the plates with an illustration of the recipe.

Depending on the season you can enjoy:
in winter dishes such as chestnuts tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and caciotta fondue, or crayfish soup with black cabbage and “Spelt Malfatti”, or the more traditional dishes like lentil soup or “Imbrecciata”, between the second pigeon with honey and liver sauce or stew of wild boar in chestnut bread, and in the tradition the “fricco”, the roast lamb or “porchetta” goose.
In spring pecorino ice cream with fresh fava beans, between the first raw soup or pasta with wild fennel, and, among the latter, the extraordinary Chianina meat, increased grazing in the fields around, grilled.
The bread is homemade, the olive oil comes from plants that you can see from the veranda and vegetables from the garden.
There is also a selection of cold meats and cheeses, all of small local producers.
The choice of wines, set on local wines, is contained but cured.

It requires a reservation at least one day in advance to allow us to collect or find seasonal products and cook them just before your arrival.

Booking is essential

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