work at Guinzano

lavori forzati   A Guinzano there is always a lot to do, not only agricultural jobs:  pruning of trees, harvesting olives, vegetable garden, care of green, cleaning the trails and woods and collect firewood, tendering animals, but also works of internal and external maintenance:  painting, wood treatment, repairs and inspections of the installations, care of the walls and roofs.

In addition to this there are also jobs related to hospitality and restaurant: cleaning, cooking, service and also everything related to computing and marketing.

In general, activities that can be done here are various and diversified and we are likewise open to barter, totally or partially, food and lodging by us in exchange for help in our activity or to evaluate your proposal to exchange materials or services you want propose.

Thankfully we have no need of cardiac surgeons, unless it is for any of the above activities, but do not despair: we, for example, were able to verify that the best dishwasher who have worked with us were architects.

Agriturismo con Camere e Ristorante a Gubbio, Umbria IT